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Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

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8bit and 16bit images explained

Actions - creating and using

Adjustment Layers

Batch Processing

Black and White conversions using the Channels Mixer

Black and White conversions using the Black & White adjustment layer (cs3 and above only)

Bridge - Photoshop's file manager

Content Aware Scaling - Photoshop cs4



Filters - Accented Edges

Frames - adding and creating different frames

Gaussian Blur and soft focus effects

Healing Tools


History Pallet

Layers Pallet & Layer Masks

Levels - Using the levels adjustment to fix problems with contrast, exposure and white balance.

Magic Wand tool

Magnetic Marquee tool

Menu Bar

Motion Blur (Radial Blur)

Navigation Pallet

Patch Tool

Polygonal Marquee Tool

Quick Mask Tool

RAW - What is RAW and why use it?

RAW - Camera Settings

RAW - Importing RAW files with Bridge. Converting to DNG.

RAW - Using ACR (Adobe Camera RAW) The Interface Explained

RAW - Fine Tuning Your Images - an introduction to using ACR

RAW - Creating and Applying Presets

RAW - Using the Basic and Exposure tools

RAW - Using ACR Curves tools

RAW - ACR Sharpening & Noise Reduction

RAW - HSL/Grayscale tools (Hue, Saturation and Luminance)

RAW - Split Toning tools

RAW - Lens Correction tools

RAW - ACR Top Menu Bar (Crop, rotate and blemis removal etc)

RAW - Saving your settings and converting your RAW files

RAW - Bridge and Converted RAW Files

Radial Blur

Shadows part 1
- Adding a realistic soft shadow


Straightening images with the measure tool

Spot Healing Brush Tool

Text Tool - Basics

Text Tool 2 - Adding text to a curvy line or work path

Tools Pallet

Work paths


If you feel you would like more information and cannot wait for it to be updated here you might like to take a look at my recommended further reading list. Here you will find a selection of the books on Photoshop that I have personally found to be very useful. There is also a link to amazon where you can purchase them directly.

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