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Photoshop Tutorials - Further Reading

The following books I have personally found to be very useful . If you wish to purchase any for yourself there is an Amazon link at the bottom of this page where you can search directly for the books mentioned.


  • Get the Most From Your Digital Camera by Simon Joinson. Published by David & Charles. IBSN 0-7153-1827-6.
    A good beginner's guide to digital photography. Well presented and easy to read. It explains all the most common features of digital cameras from compacts to SLRs and how to get the best from them.
  • An Intermediate Guide to Digital Photography by John Clement. Published by Ava.
    IBSN 2-88479-025-X.
  • An Advanced Guide to Digital Photography by Vincent Oliver. Published by Ava.
    IBSN 2-88479-052-7.
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Black & White Photography by John Clement. Published by Ava. IBSN 2-88479-056-X.
    These three books are crammed with useful techniques from taking the photograph to editing the image. Easy to follow and very readable.

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  • Sams Teach Yourself Adobe Photoshop (whichever version) in 24 hours or Sams Teach Yourself Photoshop Elements in 24 hours by Carla Rose. IBSN depends on which version you get.
    These books have one of those titles you simply can't believe but they really do what they say. Easy and fun to read, the books are separated into 24 chapters. Each chapter is laid out as a 1 hour training tutorial. Once you have worked through all 24 (preferably not in the same day!) you will have a good understanding of the program. OK, so you won't know it all, I doubt there is any one person who knows everything to do with Photoshop, but you will know enough to do all the most common editing jobs and have sufficient confidence with the program to go off and experiment for yourself with the rest. Make sure you purchase whichever version is appropriate for the program you have installed.
  • The Photoshop cs/cs2 WOW! Book by Linnea Dayton & Jack Davis. Published by Peachpit Press. IBSN depends of version.
  • Photoshop (whichever Version) A-Z The Essential Reference Guide by Peter Bargh. Published by Focal Press. IBSN depends on version.
    These two books are great for helping you find your way around Photoshop. They are the Photoshop equivalent to a pictorial dictionary as all the various filters and effects are displayed in images. Great for inspiration or to remind you which feature to use to create a certain look.

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  • The Photoshop cs Book for Digital Photographers by Scott Kelby. Published by New Riders Publishing. IBSN 0-7357-1411-8.
    If you have the cs edition of the full version of Photoshop this book is great for explaining in detail how to improve your digital images including many shortcuts to make life easier.
  • Adobe Photoshop cs Creative Studio by Luanne Seymour Cohen. Published by Peachpit Press. IBSN 0-321-22043-9.
    Again, this is a book for owners of a full cs version of Photoshop. It is packed full of creative ways of using the program. More artistic than photographic.
  • Adobe Photoshop (cs or cs2) for Photographers by Martin Evening. IBSN either 0-240-51942-6 or 0-240-51984-1 depending on version.
    Admittedly this is a bit of a tome but then the full version of Photoshop is a tome of a program. This is not a book to read from cover to cover but a really useful reference book to dip into when there is something you want to know how to do.
  • Adobe Photoshop user manuals.
    The user manuals are really worth having. If for any reason you didn't get them with your version of Photoshop (maybe it cam as part of a package) then do get the relevant user manual. You probably will have access to the on-line version or maybe have it as an acrobat file but this is not the sort of material you want to be reading on a monitor screen and there is far too much to print off. The manuals are actually worth working through from beginning to end if you are not already fully familiar with the program. Amazon sometimes stocks them but you may have to order them direct from Adobe. If you have registered your product there is also a user forum you can go to online to get assistance with any questions you have about using the program.

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Well that's it for now although I may well add to this as I get more books myself. I think there is enough to get you started. Happy reading and have fun.

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